Growing Up After Fifty
by Bob Epperly

Bob Epperly had a career of great accomplishment, rising to General Manager of Exxon Corporate Research and later becoming CEO of a successful environmental startup. But at age 55, it hit him: there was a big hole of self-deficiency inside him, and corporate success hadn't filled it. Growing Up After Fifty is the story of what happened next.

“This is an amazing story. I knew Bob Epperly long before he was fifty, and reading the depth and extent of his exploration is stunning.”

Peter Block, bestselling business author, Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

“Bob Epperly's Growing Up After Fifty could well become a classic — and deserves to. His story demonstrates that for a seasoned, successful executive to become a spiritually conscious, wise, sensitive man is not a cop-out or a flip-out but a direct path to greater human maturity.”

Saniel Bonder, specialist in Optimal Total Wellness™ and Down-to-Earth Spirituality™, co-founder, Human Sun Media, author of Ultimaya 1.0

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